Mela Research


Mela Research is one of the leading consulting firms in Ethiopia, specialized in program evaluations, surveys, formative researches, and in-depth analysis of secondary data and service statistics in the areas of health, population, nutrition, and food security.

OUR WORK: Mela Research’s works address major health, population, nutrition, and social goals to contribute towards improving the health and well being of Ethiopia’s population and reducing their disparities. These include identifying public health priorities and needs, analyzing the determinants and causes of public health problems, and monitoring and evaluating health and population programs

OUR TEAM: Mela Research draws on multidisciplinary expertise including Epidemiology, Demography, Public Health, Statistics, Sociology/Anthropology, Health Economics, and Information Technology. The company has a network of over 600 field researchers and data collectors throughout Ethiopia.

OUR EXPERTISE:The works of the company mostly involve primary data collection at individual, household, community and health facility levels using quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods. Secondary and further analyses of large data is also our major area of expertise. We are equipped with advanced survey methodologies, evaluation skills, statistical, epidemiological and demographic techniques.

MOBILE DATA COLLECTION (MDC):Our company has already moved to MDC and has been conducting several surveys with a mobile-based technology. This allows us gathering a lot of quantitative data using mobiles devices, and makes it easier to directly upload data to a server, and export data into a centralized database. It significantly reduces the time and resources required for data collection,and also improves survey monitoring and data quality.

OUR QUALITY STATEMENT: Mela Research places great emphasis on timely and quality products. Quality is vital to our work because we value our clients’ needs and expectations. The company strives to provide its clients with services that meet their expectations. Mela Research is also dedicated to continuous perfection and has set up standard quality management and operating system, which forms the basis for measuring and improving performance and deliverables.